Status and Visibility

The website game is long and hard, I’ve owned this domain for quite a few years now. From time to time there were weekly posts. From time to time there was nothing for months. For some time there was a large backlog of published posts available to all and then less and now, well, just a handful. Various boring reasons for this none of which I intend to explain or explore here or with anyone now or in the future.

Writers block is an odd beast, affects people differently and in numerous ways. My writing has never been much more than middle of the road clogger level, so you’d think I didn’t feel I had much to lose by just barrelling on for thousands of words, but somehow for about the past, err, decade or so I’ve not really enjoyed anything I’ve published in any format anywhere.

But, I wonder can I force myself? And, if I can’t force myself can I at least have some fun with the hard and fast rules of writing an English teacher once told me about? Maybe.

And this is where the doubt creeps in, paragraph 3 – In the olden days I’d have sprinted to this point never caring to look back at the errors and typos that ruined the any sense and flow in my carelessly written works, never stopping to take a metaphorical breath and enjoy the scenery. These days I list, first to post and then get bored before I can even finish my tired, lame broken and not quite right thingumabobs.